EPIC DISCOUNTS and OFFER RESETS for the Holiday Season! 🎇✨🎁

Welcome back to Bombergrounds during the holidays and enjoy these temporary holiday discounts.

– Welcome Pack Offer has been reset for everyone!
– Gem Limited Offer has been reset for everyone!

That means you can get some really great gem offers right away. The Welcome Pack has the best value, and costs only a couple of euros/dollars! 🎉

🎄 Lootboxes & Skins
– Winter Chest: 50 gems (-50%, down from 100 gems)
– Premium Chest: 40 gems (-20%, down from 50 gems)
– Mammoth Skin: 290 gems (-100 gems (approx. -25%))

🏆 Prize Wheel
– Raised 15 gems reward to 25 gems
– Raised 25 gems reward to 35 gems

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