What payment model does the game have?

The game is Free to Play for all users and can be downloaded on Steam, Android and iOS, we want as many users as possible to be able to play and enjoy Bombergrounds.

Bombergrounds rely on an in-game store which will support further development of the game.

Cosmetics, Animals, Emojis, Gems, Coins and Boxes are items that are obtainable through the in-game store, all which are optional for enjoying the game.

Bombergrounds also include a Bomber Pass which both include a free and premium track, along with daily rewards, a trophy road with further rewards and unlockable Animals.

It is important for us to have a good balance regarding monetization for all users, playing for free or deciding to make a purchase in-game, everyone should be able to enjoy Bombergrounds.

Will there be a Battle Pass available for purchase?

Bombergrounds have a Battle Pass which we call Bomber Pass, a new Bomber Pass will be released every season with a new collection of rewards for users to enjoy.

The Bomber Pass also includes both a Free track and a Premium track, which makes it so all users are able to enjoy the Bomber Pass.



Gems is used for obtaining items from the in-game store and Bomber Pass. Gems can be purchased through Gem Packs from the in-game shop or obtained through the Bomber Pass.


Coins is used for upgrading animals stats such as health, bomb damage and melee damage. Coins can be obtained through Coin Packs from the in-game shop, Bomber Pass, Daily Rewards or Boxes.


Boxes can be opened to obtain Animals, Coins and Experience. Boxes can be obtained through the in-game shop, Daily Reward, Bomber Pass or Trophy Road. Boxes comes in 3 different variations, Box, Big Box and Mega Box which contain different amounts of items.


Animals are characters that the user can play within the game. Each animal have different abilities and stats which makes them unique. Animals can be obtained through all Boxes and some Animals are unlocked by playing the game.


Skins are items that change the appearance of a players Animal. Each skin have an unique look and different pieces can be combined for various looks. Skins can be obtained through the in-game shop or Bomber Pass.


Experience is used to upgrade animals stats, such as health, bomb damage and melee damage. Experience can be obtained through the Bomber Pass, Daily Rewards, Trophy Road and Boxes.

Bomber Pass

The Bomber Pass is a collection of items that can be obtained by playing the game. The Bomber Pass comes in 2 different variations, Free Pass which all users have access to, and Bomber Pass which can be obtained through the in-game shop.

Bomb Doubler

Bomb Doublers are used to get rewarded with the double amount of bombs through playing the game, which lead to faster progress on the Bomber Pass. Bomb Doublers can be obtained through the in-game shop or Trophy Road.


Emojis are used for communication between players and can be used in game or in the chat window. Emojis can be obtained through Emoji Packs from the in-game shop or Bomber Pass.


Bombs are achieved by playing the game and will automatically upgrade the players Bomber Pass for Rewards.


Trophies are achieved by playing the game and will automatically upgrade the players Trophy Road for Rewards and upgrade the players Rank.

Shop Information – Rotations

Some Items in the in-game shop rotates which lead to a variation of items being previewed in the in-game shop. This rotation affect Skins and Special offers.

The rotation for Skins happen every 24 hours and the rotation for Special offers can vary.

How Boxes Works

While each variation of boxes can contain the same specific items, the amount of items and chance on better quality items increase with each variation of box.

Each box has a set of picks and rolls, these increase as can be seen on the table of drop rates.

When opening a box it first generates a set amount of items according to the picks amount (see table).

The box then reroll the worst item based on an internal itemscore according to the rolls amount (see table). If the new item has a better score than the worst scored item, it gets replaced and the next roll will occur if there is any left in the box. To simplify, more rolls increase the chance for better items in the boxes.

If a box contain items of the same type, they will merge visually. This affects Coins, Bomb Doublers and Experience. An example can be two items of coins, each at the amount of 6, in this case the game will show 1 coin item of 12 instead.

Boxes also have a luck number that increases every 30 rolls. The luck number increase the chance to get a mythic animal and the percentage increase with 0,0048% every 30 rolls, with a maximum increase of 0,2448%. When the user open a mythic animal the luck percentage reset.

Item Box Big Box Mega Box
Can Contain Animals, Coins,
Bomb Doubles,
Animals, Coins,
Bomb Doubles,
Animals, Coins,
Bomb Doubles,
Coin DropRate ~ 48% ~ 48% ~ 48%
Coin Amount 6 – 40 6 – 80 6 – 440
Experience DropRate ~ 47% ~ 47% ~ 47%
Experience Amount 3 – 25 3 – 50 3 – 275
Bomb Doubler DropRate ~ 2% ~ 2% ~ 2%
Bomb Doubler Amount 200 200 200
Rare Animal ~ 2% ~ 2% ~ 2%
Epic Animal ~ 0,6% ~ 0,6% ~ 0,6%
Legendary Animal ~ 0,3% ~ 0,3% ~ 0,3%
Mythic Animal ~ 0,1% ~ 0,1% ~ 0,1%
Picks 3 5 12
Rolls 1 2 11