What payment model does the game have?

Bombergrounds is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded on Steam, Android, and iOS. We want as many users as possible to be able to play and enjoy the game.

To support the game’s development, Bombergrounds has an in-game store where users can purchase optional items, such as cosmetics, animals, emojis, gems, coins, and boxes.

Bombergrounds also has a Battle Pass called the Bomber Pass, which includes a free and premium track with daily rewards, a trophy road with additional rewards, and unlockable animals.

It’s important for us to have a balanced approach to monetization that allows all users, whether they choose to pay or play for free, to enjoy Bombergrounds.

Will there be a Battle Pass available for purchase?

Bombergrounds has a Battle Pass called the Bomber Pass, which is released every season with a new collection of rewards for players to enjoy. The Bomber Pass includes both a free and premium track, making it accessible to all users.


Gems can be used to purchase items from the in-game store and Bomber Pass. They can be bought through gem packs from the in-game shop or obtained through the Bomber Pass.


Coins are used to upgrade animals’ stats, such as health, bomb damage, and melee damage. They can be obtained through coin packs from the in-game shop, the Bomber Pass, daily rewards, or boxes.


Boxes can be opened to obtain animals, coins, and experience. They can be purchased from the in-game shop, obtained through daily rewards or the Bomber Pass, or earned through the trophy road. Boxes come in three different variations – box, big box, and mega box – which contain different numbers of items.


Animals are characters that players can control in the game. Each animal has unique abilities and stats. Animals can be obtained through all boxes, and some can be unlocked by playing the game.


Skins are items that change the appearance of a player’s animal. Each skin has a unique look, and different pieces can be combined to create various looks. Skins can be purchased from the in-game shop or obtained through the Bomber Pass.


Experience is used to upgrade animals’ stats, such as health, bomb damage, and melee damage. It can be obtained through the Bomber Pass, daily rewards, trophy road, and boxes.

Bomber Pass

The Bomber Pass is a collection of items that can be obtained by playing the game. It comes in two variations – a free pass that is available to all users, and a premium pass that can be purchased from the in-game shop.

Bomb Doubler

Bomb doublers are used to double the number of bombs earned by playing the game, allowing for faster progress on the Bomber Pass. They can be purchased from the in-game shop or earned through the trophy road.


Emojis are used for communication between players and can be used in the game or in the chat window. They can be purchased through emoji packs from the in-game shop or obtained through the Bomber Pass.


Bombs are earned by playing the game and will automatically upgrade the player’s Bomber Pass for rewards.


Trophies are earned by playing the game and will automatically upgrade the player’s trophy road for rewards and upgrade the player’s rank.

Shop Information – Rotations

Some items in the in-game shop rotate, resulting in a variety of items being previewed in the shop. This rotation affects skins and special offers.

The rotation for skins occurs every 24 hours, and the rotation for special offers can vary.

How Boxes Works

The Bombergrounds Box System constitutes a voluntary, in-game feature which permits players to obtain virtual items (collectively, “Items”). These Items are distributed at random, as per a pre-defined drop rate table, supplemented by a pity system to ensure equitable distribution over time. Boxes may be procured through gameplay or by purchase with gems, Bombergrounds’ in-game currency.

Box Varieties and Contents:

The Bombergrounds Box System is an integrated feature within the Bombergrounds game, offering players the opportunity to obtain virtual items (“Items”) at random. Acquisition of these Items is governed by a pre-established drop rate table, which incorporates a pity system to facilitate equitable distribution. This pity system is designed to reset following the procurement of an Item under its provision.

Classification and Allocation of Boxes:

  • Standard Box: Contains up to two Items, with the rarity of contents capped at Rare. (2 Rewards)
  • Big Box: May include up to three Items, with the potential of yielding an Item up to Legendary rarity. (3 Rewards)
  • Mega Box: Ensures up to five Items per Box, with the highest rarity of obtainable Items predicated on player progression: Hyper rarity is accessible for players who have unlocked a minimum of twenty (20) animals; absent this criterion, the rarity is limited to Mythic. (5 Rewards)

Boxes are accessible through gameplay achievements or via direct purchase with gems—Bombergrounds’ designated in-game currency. The act of opening Boxes does not necessitate an additional exchange of currency or physical goods.

The quantity of Boxes a player may accumulate or redeem is unrestricted. Upon the acquisition of an Item via the pity system, said system will reset in accordance with the stipulated drop rate probabilities.

All Box transactions are subject to the stipulated Terms of Service of Bombergrounds. Your engagement in purchasing or opening Boxes constitutes an agreement to these terms and an acknowledgment of the randomized nature of the Item acquisition process.

For further details regarding Item probabilities and the specific mechanics of the pity system, refer to the in-game drop rate table.

Animal Droprates without Pity (Per Reward)
Animal Star Level Common Rare Epic Legendary Mythic Hyper
1.5455 2.1075 0.91325 0.4777 0.133475 0.0105375
⭐⭐ 0.44 0.6 0.26 0.136 0.038 0.003
⭐⭐⭐ 0.176 0.24 0.104 0.0544 0.0152 0.0012
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 0.033 0.045 0.0195 0.0102 0.00285 0.000225
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 0.0055 0.0075 0.00325 0.0017 0.000475 0.0000375
Default Droprates for other rewards (Per Reward)
Drop Chances per Reward
Common Runes 3.5
Rare Runes 2
Epic Runes 1.2
Legendary Runes 0.6
Mythic Runes 0.3
Gems 0.6
Bomb Doublers 0.3
Experience 42.0575
Coins 42.0575
If you are unlucky you can always rely on the pity system, listed below
Animal Pity Type
Obtainable Through
Amount of Boxes to hit Pity
Animal Rarity obtained when hitting Pity
Common Rare Epic Legendary Mythic Hyper
Small Pity Box 5 70% 30%
Big Pity Big Box 10 100%
Mega Pity Mega Box 20 100%
Hyper Pity Mega Box 200 100%