Bombergrounds: Community Q&A (2020-03-02) – Answers to Battle Pass, Traits, Leaderboards, Kill System and more!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first Community Q&A for Bombergrounds: Battle Royale!

We have seen many of you being interested in the games features & systems over the past days, so we have decided on starting a routine of having a Q&A every so often.

Below I will summarize answers to the most popular questions we’ve found today in our Discord as of 2020-03-02. If you have more questions that we didn’t answer – you could always pop in to our Discord and ask us to cover it in the next Bombergrounds Community Q&A!

Community Questions (2020-03-02)

When is the game launching?

The game is planned and set for release at 6th of March, 2020. We are planning to go live around 19.00 CET (7PM CET).

We’ll do our best to avoid crashes & lag during the release – I promise! ūüôā

To stay updated, please read our Discord or Twitter.

With what currency will the Battle Pass be purchasable?

In the Early Access / Open Beta versions coming out on iOS, Android and Steam at 6th of March, 2020, the Battle Pass feature will not be included. This feature will be added as soon as we have an opportunity to launch Season 1.

What would be the major changes in the upcoming updates?

Some major features we currently have in plans are:

– Tutorial
– New maps (psst. candy land!)
– A Trait system (upgrade your character as you level up by unlocking traits)
– Leaderboards
– Daily / Weekly store deals

Currently, we do not know when these features can be added as we have limited time on our hands. We hope to be able to push more content as soon as possible, and we will continue having an open communications channel for people interested in the upcoming features.

Will there be a competitive leaderboard?

Currently there is no leaderboard implemented in the game. We are planning on introducing a leaderboard feature as soon as possible!

We may introduce weekly or daily leaderboards as well, to make things a bit more fair for new players.

On what platform is the game going to be playable?

The game is playable on the following platforms as of today: PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

What are the specs requirements and on what phone can we play the game?

As this is a 3D game with multiplayer features, the phone requirement is a bit higher. I think something along the way of a OnePlus 6 or Samsung 8+ should be very playable. It is possible to tune down the graphics in the game and have a better experience as well.

We will be working hard at trying to make the game run smoother on older devices with less computation power once we are live. If your phone cannot run the game smoothly today, please stay tuned for more updates!

As for PC and Mac, any computer with a graphics card should be able to run the game properly.

How much storage will the game take?

The current approximation is as follows, although it will end up changing every patch:

Steam (PC), 600 mb
Android, 100 mb
iOS, 500 mb

How are you going to handle the in games ads and in game purchase?

At first, we were planning on serving ads to players immediately on launch. On second thought, we decided to not implement that.

There will be no ads served in the initial Open Beta release, this may change in the future. We have been discussing ways for players to get free gems (paid store currency) by watching reward-based ads, and that is the most likely scenario as of now.

In-game purchases are made on your respective platform of choice, via Steam, iOS or Android, using the in-built wallet systems for these platforms.

You purchase gems in the store, which can then be turned in to Lootboxes of different kinds.

How does leveling your account work?

You level up your account faster by placing high in a match, defeating many players or staying alive for longer.

Does the game announce who the match MvP was?

No. But at the end of each game, the winner is announced following a celebratory sound & some fireworks. If other players stay around and spectate, they will see the winner of the game in full screen.

Is there a kill streak system in the game?

There are two ways to answer this question.

“Is there a kill streak system in the game?”
Yes, you can get double, triple, quadra, and ultra kill.

“Is there a way to see who has the most kills in the match?”
Yes, you can see who has the most kills by looking at if the person has a red swirling cloud around him or her – then that’s the Kill Leader of the match!

Is there an achievements system?

No. We want to implement something like that in the future, though!

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