Bombergrounds: Cyber Arcade Patch 1.5.2

Bombergrounds Cyber Arcade Patch 1.5.2 Notes

General Stability Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Client and Network Stability: Resolved issues leading to instability in client and network performance.
  • Device Compatibility Fixes: Addressed crashes occurring on specific device types.
  • Team Fight Stability: Resolved crashes specifically occurring during Team Fight modes.
  • Game Summary Accuracy: Fixed inaccuracies in the game-over summary information.
  • Matchmaking Algorithm Update: Refined matchmaking for more balanced and fair matchups.
  • Network Performance Improvements: Enhanced overall network performance for smoother gameplay.

In-Game Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Gruff Responsiveness: Improved Gruff’s responsiveness to velocity changes and smoothed out pathing near edges.
  • Giro Bush Bug Fix: Corrected a bug where bushes would not be consumable or disappear when interacted with by Giro.
  • FFA Camera Fix: Addressed the camera sometimes getting stuck in Free For All mode.
  • Slowmo Death Bug: Resolved a bug causing slow motion effects when dying.
  • Ability Prediction Enhancement: Improved the prediction algorithm for abilities to provide a more responsive gaming experience.