Bombergrounds: Patch 1.6.1 – Bug Fixes, Giro Rework, and More!

Dive into the latest Bombergrounds update with patch 1.6.1! 🚀 The Gigantic Duck Team is back with another exciting patch that includes critical bug fixes, fresh features, and reworks to enhance your Bombergrounds experience. Let’s break down what’s new and improved in this update!


🔄 REMAKE – Giro Ability Rework

Giro, the beloved giraffe 🦒 known for the unique ability to interact with the environment, has received a significant rework. Giro can now use its ability and consume grass anywhere on the map, regardless of whether there are grass patches. This change opens up new strategic possibilities and ensures Giro remains a versatile and fun character to play in all scenarios.


🌟 NEW – League Points and Updated League Progress System

In our recent 1.6.0 patch, we introduced the new League Progress and mentioned that it will now be distinct from your total trophies. However, the icons for total trophies and League Progress remained the same, which could create some confusion among players. To better showcase the changes to League Progress, we are introducing League Points with a new icon.

In addition to introducing League Points, we’ve now updated the League Progress system with new ranks and icons to better showcase your achievements and progress. The journey through the leagues has never been more clear or rewarding:


  • Bronze starts at 10 league points
  • Silver starts at 1100 league points

  • Gold starts at 4150 league points

  • Platinum starts at 8400 league points

  • Diamond starts at 12400 league points

  • Master starts at 20000 league points

  • Grandmaster starts at 25000 league points

  • Legend is the pinnacle, starting at 30000 league points

These new ranks and icons are designed to give you a more visual and rewarding progression experience through the game.


🛠️ BUG FIXES – In-Game

We’ve squashed several bugs to provide a smoother gameplay experience:

  • Fixed an in-game crash related to Brie’s trap and other damage sources.
  • Resolved issues with Giro’s ability: Giro will no longer get stuck or become non-functional if bombed while using its ability.
  • Eliminated occasional stutters in-game, ensuring a more fluid and enjoyable gaming session.
  • Fixed Hoppy and Volter’s instant ground teleport: Corrected to prevent unintended ability recast effects.
  • Fixed unable to use bat after respawn: dying while holding the bat charge won’t prevent bat use after you respawn.
  • Fixed Quaker’s hitbox mismatch: Adjusted to accurately cover the intended circle area.
  • and more..


🛠️ BUG FIXES – Lobby

  • Fixed the tutorial pointer: Some players encountered issues with the tutorial pointer being bugged. This has now been addressed, making the tutorial experience smoother for new players.


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Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to make Bombergrounds the best it can be. Whether you’re strategizing with Giro or climbing the ranks with League Points, we hope you enjoy the new changes! 🎮


Stay explosive,
The Gigantic Duck Team