Bombergrounds: Season 8 Patch – Chaos Carnival! 🎪

Bombergrounds Season 8: Chaos Carnival is here! Get ready to dive into 30 days of chaos and madness filled with explosive battles. Here’s everything you need to know about our latest explosive update!


⚡ New Hyper Animal: Zappy!

Meet Zappy, the newest addition to our Hyper Animal roster! This electrifying new character is fast, fierce, and ready to zap the competition. With unique movement abilities that stun and disrupt opponents, Zappy will be a game-changer in your strategic arsenal.

NEW! Zappy
  • 💗 Health: 2660
  • 💥 Bomb Damage: 980
  • 🏏 Melee Damage: 70
  • 🏃 Base Speed: 2.024
  • ✨ Zap damage: 500
  • ✨ Recharge Duration: 5
  • ✨ Initial Charges: 4
  • ✨ Zap Range: 3
  • ✨ Zap Area: 2.2


🎪 New Bomber Pass: Chaos Carnival!

Step right up to the Chaos Carnival, where excitement and explosions meet in a spectacular showdown. Get ready to explore the new map theme and events that will keep you on your toes!


🐞 Bug Fixes

We’ve squashed some pesky bugs to ensure your gameplay is smoother and more enjoyable.


🚀 Performance Improvements

We’re always looking to improve the performance of Bombergrounds. These enhancements mean a faster, more responsive game that handles the chaos of the carnival perfectly.


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See you in the arena, Bombers!