Bombergrounds: Reborn – Enter Season 4 – Dino Park Adventure! Patch 1.4.0 is now live!

Hello Bombergrounds Community!

We are extremely excited to announce Patch 1.4.0, named “Season 4: Dino Park”! This hefty update not only delivers a blast from the past with prehistoric fun but also brings a slew of performance upgrades and bug fixes aimed at making your gameplay experience smoother than ever before.

Prepare to venture into our all-new season, meet our lovable new creature, and explore revamped maps filled with mystery. To top it off, we’ve also improved the rewards in our League Progress, Bomber Pass, and Daily Gift systems, so get ready for an explosion of treasure!

Without further ado, here’s the lowdown on the improvements, additions, and revisions:


Season 4 Content

  • New Season! Dino Park: Welcome to Dino Park! Enjoy the prehistoric ambience with a new animal, map theme, emojis, and skins!
  • New Animal! Slowy the Sloth: The latest member of our animal gang. He might be slow, but don’t underestimate his impact!
  • Boxes & Reward Systems Overhaul: League Progress, Bomber Pass, and Daily Gift system rewards have been improved! Get ready to unwrap a plethora of boxes!
  • Map Makeover: Witness significant updates to existing maps and set foot on entirely new maps crafted specifically for Season 4!


League Progress


Blast Bucks as a League Progress Reward

Starting from this patch, our League Progress system will incorporate Blast Bucks. Every time you rank up into a new league, say from Silver I to Silver II, you’ll earn a sweet reward of 100 Blast Bucks. You can now spend these bad boys in the in-game Blast Bucks shop for more than just Cosmetic rewards. Imagine that!

But that’s not all! To commemorate your hard work, there’s a hefty prize of 1,000 Blast Bucks waiting for you at the end of the league progress. Save up, splurge, and make your bombergrounds experience even more explosive!

The Golden Bomb

And now, for the crown jewel of the League Progress rewards… The Legendary Golden Bomb! A shining beacon of your bomber prowess, this bomb is unlike anything any player has ever seen before. It gleams with such glory that no one will mistake how cool it is. To add this radiant bomb to your arsenal, you’ll need to collect 50,000 trophies. But believe us when we say, it’s worth every single trophy!

Seasonal League Resets

With the arrival of every new season in Bombergrounds: Reborn, we’ll be resetting the league progress rewards. This is your chance to begin anew, setting your sights on exciting rewards and the exhilarating climb up the ranks. So, each season will offer fresh challenges and fresh rewards. Are you ready to rise to the occasion?

Let these updates ignite your competitive spirit and fuel your journey through the thrilling landscape of Bombergrounds: Reborn. We can’t wait to see how you utilize these new updates to create some epic bomber moments.


Boxes: More Rewards and Transparency!

We’re jazzing up our Box system in Patch 1.4.0 to make it even more rewarding:

  • Boxes are Bursting with More: Small Box now gives 2 rewards (up from 1), Big Box gives 4 (previously 2), and Mega Box now gives out 6 total rewards, which means more bang for your buck!
  • Higher Box, Higher Value: If you can afford it, a Mega Box will outshine a Small Box and Big Box every time!
  • What’s in the Box? Check out the potential goodies and their drop rates by clicking on Boxes in the shop.
  • Changes to Rewards System: We’re moving cosmetic parts out of the Bomber Pass and League Progress rewards. Instead, enjoy a higher chance to snag emojis and cosmetics in your Boxes!


Other Changes


  • Startup Stability: We’ve addressed and fixed the startup crashes on many devices. We’re still observing this problem for future patches.
  • Loading Speed: Initial game start-up loading time and in-game match loading times have been significantly improved.
  • UI Enhancements: Experience a more responsive and efficient user interface. Especially in Bomber Pass, League Progress, and the Main Lobby.
  • Memory Management: Improved memory usage for a smoother gaming experience.
  • Overall Performance Boost: General improvements to performance have been implemented for your bombing pleasure!


Bug Fixes

  • Iggy’s Boundaries: Iggy no longer pulls itself to walls.
  • Konnie’s Indication: The ability indicator for Konnie is now correctly sized.
  • Team Mode Tweaks: Fixed the issue of player UI appearing on the intro screen in team game modes.
  • The Bush Dilemma: Resolved the gigantic bush issue. ūüėÖ
  • Hats on your knees: Resolved a bug where hats could be put on the knees of players in-game.
  • Minor Fixes: Various other small bugfixes have been applied for an optimized experience.


There you have it, Bombergrounds enjoyers! We hope these changes will heighten your fun, sharpen your strategy, and reward your passion for Bombergrounds: Reborn. We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing your feedback on Season 4: Dino Park.

So, buckle up, and let’s embark on this thrilling prehistoric journey!


Screenshots Gallery


Happy Bombing!

-The Bombergrounds Team