Bombergrounds: Reborn – Patch 1.0.2 is now live!

Hello everyone,

Since release of Bombergrounds: Reborn we’ve listened to our community and put weight on development where it matters the most. The focus of this patch has been to resolve critical issues, and to remove prior issues with disconnections, logging in, and general improvements in game stability. Enjoy! ūüí£


Patch Notes for 1.0.2

New features
- Name change is now available from your Profile (everyone gets one name change for free!)

- Animal Offers based on Rarity have been added to the Shop.

Bugfixes & Improvements
- Optimized in-game memory usage for smoother gameplay
- Fixed 15% Loading bug while logging in
- Fixed crashes in Duck Grab and Team Fight
- Fixed in-game disconnection. The game will no longer disconnect you while in-game if a lobby connection was lost
- Fixed Joystick controls being stuck
- Fixed melee ability getting stuck on charge
- Fixed memory and general issues with the Match Log
- Fixed issues with Leaderboards not displaying correctly
- Fixed visual bug on some Trophy League icons not showing the rank number properly.
- Fixed Emoji Picker having wrong total count
- Fixed Avatars not loading sometimes
- Fixed clipping on some cosmetics
- Added a timer on the Maintenance Screen
- Fixed text size too big in some languages
- Fixed non-latin characters being inconsistent next to latin characters


Oh, what’s that? A sneak peek at Season 1? Yep!

These two cute friends will arrive to the Bombergrounds battlegrounds in Season 1, currently slated for release on the 6th of December, 2022.