Bombergrounds: Reborn – Patch 1.0.3 is now live!

Hello, Bombers! 💣

Here’s the Patch Notes for version 1.0.3 of Bombergrounds: Reborn.

Also, a big thank you to all of our active members in our communities that help us choose the direction for Bombergrounds: Reborn. It is important to us that we understand what you as a player want to see in the game, as we’re taking your input very seriously. So, a “thank you” to you, 😍


📣 Patch Notes for 1.0.3 ❤

New features
- None this patch.

- Many new monetization deals, offers and features have been added since last patch. Please review our tweet about this for further information:
- Boxes now display the respective drop rates for their contents in the purchase prompts, with an additional link to review the full drop rates.

Bugfixes & Improvements
- Fixed memory issue on startup
- Fixed reward Skip button (now skips the entire opening process)
- Fixed issues and misprediction with multiple abilities
- Fixed Start button sometimes getting stuck
- Fixed Japanese fonts missing outline
- Fixed language detection for automatic language setting
- Fixed inventory visuals bug
- Fixed Skill prediction issues for most Skills & Animals (reduction in "buggy skills")
- Fixed empty profile on old users
- Fixed visual bug with failing to enter GD ID Code in the GD ID registration process
- Changing your name is now easier and self-explanatory


Hey you! You’re looking for Custom Games, aren’t you? 😋

And of course, a sneak peek on the upcoming Custom Games Feature coming up in Patch 1.1.0, this December, 2022.