Bombergrounds: Reborn – The Road Ahead – Part 2

Hello Bombers!

It’s been a while. The Gigantic Duck and our team has been on vacation for the past weeks but are now back in full force since the 14th of July. It’s time to discuss what’s going to happen in the coming month(s).

We believe these changes should be available for release sometime during September-October. Once we have a set date, we’ll communicate it to you in the Bombergrounds Discord server, and on Twitter. 🙂


New! Hyper Animals

We’re launching a new category of Animals, called “Hypers”. These Hyper Animals are upgrades to the core animals in Bombergrounds: Reborn, with them, you’ll be able to get stronger and play in new ways you couldn’t before. There will be one Hyper version of each core Animal.

Here’s what we can share so far:
– All animals will get a Hyper version of itself. 😮
– Hyper Animals have unique designs and upgraded stats & abilities.
– In order to get the Hyper Animals, you need to own all of the current base animals.
– Hypers drop from boxes
– They are awesome! 😎

A few examples, you say?

Well, ok. Here’s Clawz, Polaris and Volter! 😜

Note: Not all Hyper Animals will be released at once.


New! Global Chat

You have made your voices heard. We will launch a Discord-linked Global Chat in-game.

The chat will include the following features:

  • In-game users can chat with Discord users while in lobby
  • Discord users can chat with logged in users
  • Discord history will be shown in-game
  • You can talk to anyone you want, find party members and friends, directly in game!


New! Runes

Runes are finally coming to Bombergrounds.

The Runes system will include the following:

  • Each Animal will have up to 3 Rune Slots.
  • Each rune has a unique modifier to a stat, ability or may even introduce a passive enhancement.
  • You unlock a new Rune Slot at the following levels: 5/8/11.

Star Quality may impact how rare runes you can add to your animals. Be sure to level up your favorite animal to Max Star Quality to allow for maximum Rune efficiency!


New! Star Quality

Each Animal in your roster will be upgradeable from Star Quality 1 to Star Quality 5. These upgrades will be made possible with Blast Bucks.

The Star Quality system will have significant impact to your Animals power and overall impact, when you increase in Star Quality, your character will:

  • Become stronger (stats, ability).
  • Equip better Runes.

Some general changes that are coming with the Star Quality system:

  • You will be able to find (and be guaranteed) character drops in Lootboxes, such as the Mega Box, after a certain amount of drops
  • You will be able to get duplicates of Animals. These duplicates will turn into Blast Bucks, which can in turn be used for upgrades or other purchases.
  • When you find any Animal, it will have a Star Quality of 1 to 5.