Bombergrounds: Season 10 Patch – Beachland! 🏖️

Welcome to Season 10: Beachland 🏖️, where the sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the explosions are bigger than ever! This season comes with a vibrant beach theme, filled with tropical maps and sun-soaked arenas. Prepare yourself for new challenges and exciting battles under the sun!


🌴 New Bomber Pass!

Season 10 brings the new Bomber Pass. Earn exclusive rewards as you progress through the tiers.



🏖️ Beach Map Theme!
Explore the tropical maps and sun-soaked arenas!


🐞 Bug Fixes

We’ve been working hard to ensure a smoother gaming experience. Our latest update includes essential bug fixes that address several gameplay issues reported by our community. Your feedback helps us make Bombergrounds better with every patch!


🚀 Performance Improvements

Season 10 also comes with performance enhancements to make your gameplay experience faster and more responsive. These improvements ensure that you can enjoy the chaos of Beachland with optimal performance, no matter what device you’re playing on.


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See you on the beach, Bombers!