Bombergrounds: Reborn – Season 1 (Cherryblossom Winter) is now live!

Hey Bombers!💣

Welcome to the first feature patch of Bombergrounds: Reborn – 1.1.0! We’re excited to introduce the Cherryblossom Winter season, as well as two new animals: Hamsto and Truffy. In addition, we’ve added the highly-requested Custom Games and Party Finder features to enhance your gaming experience.

In this patch, you’ll also find new maps, emojis, and a holiday event featuring winter skins. We’ve also made improvements to the Battle Pass, making it more affordable and user-friendly.

In the shop, you’ll find the newly-added Blastbucks shop with more information to come. We’ve also addressed various ability issues with Paw, Fangs, and Iggy.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the new updates! 😍


📣 Patch Notes for 1.1.0 ❤

New features
- New Season: The Cherryblossom Winter (Season 1)
- New Animals: Hamsto and Truffy.
- New Feature: Custom Games!
- New Feature: Party Finder!
- New Maps, Emojis, Holiday Event: Winter Skins & more
- Battle Pass: Cheaper & Improved!
- Balance changes

- Blastbucks shop(more information coming soon)

Bugfixes & Improvements
- Fixed ability issues with Paw, Fangs, Iggy.