Coming Soon: Patch 1.6.0 for Bombergrounds: Reborn!

Hey Bombers,


Excitement is brewing at Gigantic Duck Studios as we gear up to launch an out-of-this-world update for Bombergrounds: Reborn! 🚀 Patch 1.6.0, dubbed “Spacelands Season 6,” is on the horizon, and it’s packed with features that will take your gameplay to stellar new heights. While we’re still locking down the exact launch date, rest assured, it’s landing later this month. Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming patch:


🌌 New Season: Season 6, Spacelands! 👁️

Prepare to blast off into the cosmos with Season 6’s Spacelands theme. This season promises to deliver an interstellar experience that’s both fresh and exhilarating.


🌟 New Hyper Character: Lullaby

Meet Lullaby, the latest Hyper Character to join the Bombergrounds universe. With unique abilities and charm, Lullaby is set to become a fan favorite.


📦 Transparent Drop Rates

From now on, you’ll be able to see your guaranteed drop directly on the box popup and in the shop, ensuring no more guesswork about your next guaranteed drop. Yes, free boxes count towards your guaranteed drops, too!


🏆 League Progress Overhaul

Major improvements are coming to the league progress road, including guaranteed characters, runes, and the ability to farm Coins and XP at later ranks. Every major rank-up rewards you with significant loot, making the grind more rewarding for both paid and free players. We’re removing randomized loot from this system so that the game becomes more predictable, while also making your grind more worthwhile.


🛡️ Battle Pass: Cheaper & Better

We’re lowering the basic Battle Pass cost to USD 4.99down from USD 12.99 and switching the purchase option to real money. This change allows us to pack the Battle Pass with all those random rewards you love, making each day’s grind full of potential treasures.


🔄 Battle Pass: Seasons Reset Every 30 Days

To keep the content fresh and frequent, seasons will now reset monthly, instead of every 2-3 months. This means that you’ll have more consistent content updates to enrich your gameplay experience, so that you’ll always have something worth fighting for!


📚 Basic & Advanced Tutorial Onboarding

New players will find it easier to dive into the action with our streamlined tutorial, designed to simplify the learning curve and encourage a growing player base. Early players will see a reduction in UI clutter, with more features unlocking over time.


🎮 Game Rebalancing

We’re tweaking the core speed and skill cooldowns for a gameplay that emphasizes fun with bombs over skill-focused play, making the action more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


🛍️ Shop Overhaul

The shop’s getting a visual makeover for clarity on offers, including detailed descriptions and the ability to explore more about what you’re buying. It also looks way better now, so there’s that, too! 🙂


🎁 New Bonus Reward feature! (Ad Reward for Mobile Players)

Enjoy an extra box reward for each ad you watch. More rewards, more fun!


🌈 Battle Pass Visuals

Clearer visuals and a revamped structure mean the Battle Pass is not only more affordable but also more rewarding for those willing to grind.


🔒 Feature Locks for New Players

To ensure a smooth learning curve, some features will now unlock as you gain more trophies, guiding new players through the game’s intricacies.


👉 Improved Pointer System

Our new pointer system is designed to help new players navigate the game’s systems, ensuring a seamless introduction to the world of Bombergrounds.


Do note that these are not all of the changes that are coming in patch 1.6.0. A full patch notes summary will be released later.


We’re thrilled to bring these updates to you, and we believe they’ll significantly enhance your Bombergrounds experience. Stay tuned for the official release date announcement, and prepare to dive into the best version of Bombergrounds yet!

For those eager to join the community and stay updated on all things Bombergrounds, hop into our Discord: Let’s keep the bombs dropping, and the battles exciting!

Until then, keep the excitement brewing, Bombers! 🎉

Warm regards,

The Gigantic Duck Team