Discord Update

Hello Ducklings!

Our Discord server just went through a big update. It might look diffrent right now but don’t worry! It will all look the same soon.
The server now has more structure and give you the option to follow or unfollow certain channels. We can now have any amount of language channels.


New roles! React with the following emote to get access to the channels:

:grey_question: – Support
:exclamation: – Suggestions
:musical_note: – Voice Channels
:ping: – Looking For Game
:robot: – Bot Commands
:movie_camera: – Advertising
:art: – Fan Art
:bow_and_arrow: – Off Topic

We are adding all these roles to existing members, so the Discord will look like before (almost) for existing users. This process might take a few hours so please be patient.

Language channels has also been added!

:flag_gb: – English
:flag_es: – Español
:flag_fr: – Français
:flag_de: – Deutsch
:flag_cn: – Chinese
:flag_al: – Shqip
:flag_pt: – Português
:flag_it: – Italiano
:flag_jp: – Japanese
:flag_in: – Indian
:flag_nl: – Dutch
:flag_ro: – Română
:flag_sa: – Arabic

Once you react to one of these channels you will get a whole section dedicated for your main language. If your country is not on the list, please let someone in the moderator team know so they can add it!

Thank you for being an awesome community, we love you all.
Gigantic Duck Team.