[Hotpatch] Skill Balancing Patch for Bombergrounds: Reborn version 1.1.1

Hello everyone,

Please know that we are actively listening to our community and taking their feedback into consideration as we continue to make adjustments to the game. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The following updates are now live

🌟 Unchanged Animals
Hoppy, Bjorn, Paw, Konnie, Truffy, Hamsto

👁‍🗨 Changed Animals

  • Catty’s [Whirlwind] ability now does 50% more damage (from 13 to 20 per hit).
  • Snoozey’s [Soothing Nap] ability now heals for 600 health over 6 seconds, down from 800 health previously.
  • Fang’s [Tornado] ability now deals 150 damage (up from previously 50 damage).
  • Kong’s [Enrage] ability now heals for 350 HP (down from 500 HP previously).
  • Kong’s base health has been reduced by 250 HP.
  • Rey’s [Fierce Claw] lunge duration has been increased to 0.4s, damage set to 375 damage (up from previously 250 damage), cooldown increased by 2s.
  • Gruff’s [Violent Charge] ability damage has been increased to 150 per hit (previously 100 damage per hit).
  • Pon’s [Bonk!] ability hitbox size has been reduced by ~20% and damage increased by 100 to 450 (previously 350).
  • Chunkey’s [Impactful Charge] ability damage has been reduced to 400 damage (previously 450 damage). The hitbox of the ability has also been reduced by ~20%.
  • Vivi’s [Boomerang] ability cooldown has been increased to 10 seconds and damage has been reduced to 500 damage (previously 600 damage).
  • Popper’s [Glider Bomber] ability has had its glidetime increased by 1 second and its cooldown increased by 1 second.
  • Iggy’s base health has been increased by 200 HP.

🔥 Please note that we are also working on a stat balancing patch. Keep an eye out for updates. Note that changes are not final and we will continue to make adjustments based on community feedback. If you would like to have a say in the balance of the game, feel free to join our Discord community.