Bombergrounds: Reborn – Season 2 (Kitchen Mayhem) is now live!

Hey Bombers!💣

Bombergrounds Patch Notes 1.2.0: The latest update introduces Kitchen Mayhem (Season 2), two new animals (Brie and Giro), the Map Maker feature allowing players to create and play their own maps in custom games, the Blast Bucks Shop, Animal Mastery, a new Trophy Road and Bomber Pass, new maps, emojis, and more. In addition, the update includes bug fixes, reduced input delay, and improvements such as the ability to claim items in the Bomber Pass and the indicator for newly acquired skins. Players can now also buy individual skin parts from their inventory and will be brought directly to the latest claimable item when they open the Trophy Road.


📣 Patch Notes for 1.2.0 ❤

New features
– New Season: Kitchen Mayhem (Season 2)
– New Animals: Brie and Giro.
– New Feature: Map Maker! With new objects like launchpads & spike traps! (You can play your own map in custom games)
– New Feature: You can use custom maps on Custom Games!
– New Feature: Blast Bucks Shop and Animal Mastery!
– New Trophy Road and Bomber Pass!
– New Maps, Emojis, and more!


Bugfixes & Improvements
– Reduced overall input delay.
– Fixed: Unable to claim items in Bomber Pass.
– Fixed: Notification on mobile didn’t open the game.
– Fixed: Kong kept the health increase from ability after respawn when killed during ability.
– Fixed: Animal interactions with Bjorn shield.
– Fixed: Custom game animal trophies wouldn’t get displayed correctly.


– Added indicator for newly acquired skins.
– You can now buy individual skin parts from your inventory!
– When you open Trophy road, you are brought to the latest claimable item.