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We’re back with more content! Did you think that we just left you guys waiting for this long without having anything to show for it?

This post is a sneak-peek preview of the Leaderboards that are going to arrive in Bombergrounds: Battle Royale – the Cherry Blossom season!

Announcing Leaderboards for Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

A screenshot of the “Overall” Seasonal leaderboard in Bombergrounds, showing scores, personal rank and prizes.

See the top 100 of the current highest ranked players in the “overall” category. You can also see your personal rank at the bottom of the leaderboard.

The different types of Leaderboards available

Image: The different leaderboards available in Bombergrounds Season 6.


This is an elo-based score system that gives you more or less points for each game of Bombergrounds you play. The exact algorithm is secret, but it rewards skill!


This leaderboard simply shows the ranking of people who have the most wins for the selected timeframe.


See who has the most kills for the selected timeframe.

Different timeframes, different leaders and winners!

The timeframes added to the Bombergrounds: Battle Royale leaderboards.

To prevent the leaderboards from getting stale, we’ve added multiple timeframes to compete in. Surely, you can compete in the Daily timeframe, even if you can’t stay along for the entire week!

Timeframes exist in all leaderboards. You always participate in all of them automatically, but they reset on different times!

Prizes won in the Leaderboards arrives to your in-game Mailbox!

If you won something in the leaderboards, the prize will arrive to you in your personal in-game mailbox!

It wouldn’t be fun without prizes and getting recognition for your play. So we decided to add a mailbox system in the game along with the leaderboards. We have some more plans for this in the future. Stay tuned!

Release date

So what about release date for this? It’s coming soon. Very soon!

Peace out! 😎 See you in game when it arrives. 🤩

One thought on “Leaderboards are coming to Bombergrounds: Battle Royale! Are you excited?

  1. Avatar
    Chomu says:

    Hi Winrarz,
    It would be amazing if you could decrease network lag and make the game more playable for people with a bit older phones, the game requires too much specifications than it really needs. Once Bombergrounds is optimised and the servers are improved for increasing fps and decreasing ping, many people would be able to play the game again and with much more fun.
    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang did the same thing, and it feels amazing.
    Thank you ❤️

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