Patch 0.11.0 – Pirate Season

Welcome back to Bombergrounds for the Pirate Season, with the addition of 10 exclusive skins, 6 faces and 10 emojis in the SEASONAL EXCLUSIVE Pirate Lootbox & Battle Pass


– Skydiving: Players now drop from the sky at the start of the match

– Battle Pass: Pirate Season with 100 levels

– Character: “Skippy” (Frog) available in the Battle Pass

– Limited Offers: Pirate Lootbox & Sushi Master Exclusive set

– Emojis: 10 new handpainted emojis

– Maps: this season includes two new maps

– VFX: blocks, powerups and bombs have all new cool effects

– Game: Reworked game server with better load times and higher framerates


– Improved lobby and in-game performance

– Melee attacks now stun for longer if charged more

– Fixed various bugs including waterbombs