Patch 0.8.6 – Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Hello everyone!

Rejoice! The first big patch is here – version 0.8.6.

This patch mostly fixes bugs and problems with the game that you have reported during the past two weeks of play. We take these bugs seriously and we want to fix them before adding more content. We will address new content in the next patch.

Firstly, we want to thank everyone that has reported bugs in our Discord channel. Secondly, we’ve had a few setbacks that have delayed this patch that have been outside of our control, so we want to thank you deeply for supporting us and our development. ūüôā

Patch delivery & details

Previous live version: 0.8.3 (all platforms)
Updates to: 0.8.6 (all platforms)

Delivery date/time
We are going to patch immediately.

Downtime expected
30 minutes to 1 hour.

Patch notes

Platform: Mac OS

Experimental Mac support have been added!
Please update the game properly before trying to run the game, also restart Steam.

Region changes

  • Added region – SEA (Singapore)
  • Added region – South America (Sao Paulo)
  • Queue – The region you are queueing towards is now shown in the queueing status text.

Balance changes

  • Balance – Minimum amount of stars that can drop from a dead player is raised to 3.
  • Balance – Maximum distance to pick up an item has been lowered and stabilized a bit.

Game Server changes

  • Bugfix – Bombs falling into water no longer disappears on the client but explodes on the server (invisible bombs bug)
  • Bugfix – Bombs falling into wall objects no longer happens (invisible bombs bug)
  • Bugfix – Double items from crates is now resolved. It should now give the appropriate amount of items
  • Bugfix – Coins not being received after lv 50
  • Bugfix –¬†Being able to easily clip through wall blocks that are placed in a certain manner
  • Stability – Fixed disconnect loop when reconnecting bug
  • Stability – Added dynamic region support

Client changes

  • Performance – Lowered texture resolution a bit more
  • Performance – Lowered resolution for low/mid settings, your game should look worse in these settings but perform better FPS wise.
  • Performance – Recent friends list is now overwritten every time a new game ends, so it does not store all players in a huge list.
  • Performance – Added a FPS/Latency setting to be able to diagnose ping/fps while playing.
  • Stability – The “game starting…” bug but a game never stars, should be fixed.
  • Controls – Added a “fixed joystick” setting for mobile
  • Controls – Added keybind options for PC/Mac
  • Login – Auto-log in with Gigantic Duck ID: It is now possible to log in automatically after using a Gigantic Duck ID. It will be saved for as long as you don’t log into another account (like a guest account or another Gigantic Duck ID).
  • Login – You can now click “log in with Gigantic Duck ID” instead of having to create a new username.
  • UI – Some Lobby UI parts were showing while in-game.
  • UI – Opening chests should now update the status of the item you got accordingly (the checkmark).
  • UI – Fixed profile stats not scaling properly
  • UI – Fixed profile “time played” not showing the correct time
  • UI – Fixed profile screen player name scaling bug
  • UI – Fixed “logging in” status when picking a wrong or unavailable username on registration (visual bug)
  • UI – Extended hit area for Exit & Settings buttons
  • UI – Added discord and twitter buttons
  • UI – Fixed gameoverscreen stats bug (“11:11, 11, level 50”)
  • UI – Fixed “link account” button not animating sometimes
  • UI –¬†Added text feedback about current queue region
  • UI –¬†Fixed steam shop page displaying wrong currency in some countries
  • UI – Updated region settings dropdown
  • UI – Updated resolution settings to use users screen (Desktop)
  • Graphics – Fixed Picnic Bear helmet texture

Content Creator changes

  • Added streamer settings:
    1. Hide chat
    2. Hide names
    3. Block friend requests