Patch 0.8.8 – Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Hello Ducklings!

We’re patching the game to version 0.8.8 of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale.

This patch has some balance changes to the bat but also fixed some performance issues and crashes.

Please read through the patch notes to get a better understanding of what we have changed since last patch.

Patch delivery & details

Previous live version: 0.8.7 (all platforms)
Updates to: 0.8.8 (all platforms)

Delivery date/time
We are going to patch immediately.

Downtime expected
15-60 minutes depending on difficulties.

Patch notes

Balance changes

  • Nerfed bat swing range
  • Updated bomb hit direction logic 

Game Server changes

  • Fixed matchmaking disconnection bugs
  • Fixed lag issues on-hit with the bat

Client changes

  • Added feedback notifications for purchases
  • Fixed crashes after updating to a new version
  • Fixed being stuck on blue screen on startup (can’t log in)
  • Fixed being stuck on blue screen after switching accounts