Patch 0.8.9 – Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Hello Ducklings!

We’re patching the game to version 0.8.9 of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale.

This patch features mostly changes in coins payment structure, the reward prize wheel, added community features (chat & emojis in lobby) among other small changes and bugfixes. We’ve also updated a lot of graphical stuff, and improved the visual feedback on using the charge-up bat mechanic – especially on max charge where it looks super powerful! ūüėČ

Please read through the patch notes to get a better understanding of what we have changed since last patch.

Patch delivery & details

Previous live version: 0.8.8 (all platforms)
Updates to: 0.8.9 (all platforms)

Delivery date/time
We are going to patch immediately.

Downtime expected
15-60 minutes depending on difficulties.

Patch notes

These are the changes in patch 0.8.9 of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale.

New features!

  • Lobby Chat
    Talk to your party members and find new friends!
  • Lobby Emojis
    Make use of your cute emojis you’ve collected, even in the lobby.
  • Reward Prize Wheel (Mobile)
    Watch an ad to get up to 4x Daily Prizes such as Gems, Gold and Experience! You can win up to 25 Gems, 300 Gold and 4000 Experience per spin.
    Non-Mobile players can get these rewards by installing the application on their mobile device and making use of their daily spins there
  • Better Graphics Quality for All Devices
    The Low/Medium/High options actually work properly now, meaning that if you set it to High you should see a good upgrade to the previous highest quality that was available.

Balance changes

  • No balance changes.

Game server changes

  • Feature – Changed match Bombercoins payout structure
    +25 coins for every level up
    +1 coin for every 1% increase in level progress
    +1 coin for every match where the player stayed alive for at least 12 seconds
    +1 coin for every match where the player placed in top 10
    +1 coin for placing in top 3
    +1 coin for each kill in a game, up to +3 goldNote: Gaining an experience reward from the Reward Prize Wheel will grant the player coins in the same manner as mentioned above (1%, 1 coin).

Client changes

  • Feature – Social Media button added to the lobby window
  • Feature – News button added, but not functional as of yet (adding next patch)
  • Graphics – Changed experience bars to the color green, and added a new experience icon
  • Graphics – Improved the charge-bat visual effect, making it feel stronger and more visible to other players
  • Graphics – Improved scroll sensitivity when scrolling through shop, battle pass, and more
  • Bugfix – Fixed some ready/unready button bugs
  • Bugfix – Fixed shield timer not appearing/working properly
  • Bugfix – Fixed an issue where the mobile joystick was snapping to the wrong position
  • Graphics – Changed positions of where the fuse emits spark particles from bombs, individually
  • Bugfix (possibly) – Updated Steamworks API which may fix some of our users login issues on Steam.
  • Feature – Push Notifications have been added to the mobile version.

Region changes

  • No region changes.

Content Creator changes

  • No content creator changes.