Patch 0.9.0 Patch Notes – SEASON 2 IS HERE!


Patch Notes for 0.9.0

Hello Ducklings! We’re patching the game to version 0.9.0 (a major version for Season 2) of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale.

Please read through the patch notes to get a better understanding of what we have changed since last patch.

Patch delivery & details

Previous live version: 0.8.9a (all platforms)
Updates to: 0.9.0 (all platforms)

Delivery date/time
We’re taking down the game immediately for maintenance.

Downtime expected
15 to 60 minutes

New features

Limited Time Offer: Welcome Pack – 7X Value on your first purchase!

Price: USD $1.99, Value: 7X

Includes: 100x Gems, 3x Premium Chest, 500x Bombercoins.
Time limit: 48 hours after registration.

Note: Players who already own all of the Premium Chest items will receive 150x Gems instead of 3x Premium Chests

Max Level: Raised to 100 (50 New Levels!)
Previous max cap was 50, current cap raised to 100.
Requirement per level: 70,000 XP per level to go from 50 > 51 and onward

New Lootbox: “Summer Chest” (50 gems) (New Skins!)
Price: 50 Gems

Includes: 30 Cosmetics
Characters: Bat (Legendary Character), Corgi (Legendary Character)
Skins: Crazy Clown (Legendary Skin), King (Legendary Skin), Arcade Gamer (Epic Skin), Disco Singer (Epic Skin), Birthday Party (Rare Skin), Referee (Rare Skin)
Faces: Surprised (Legendary Face), Confused (Legendary Face), Nervous (Epic Face), Cheerful (Rare Face)
Emojis: None

Battle Pass: Season 2 (Paid Version) (New Skins!)
Price: USD $8.99 (down from $9.99)
Includes: 60 reward tiers
Characters: Tiger (Mythic Character)
Skins: Pirate & Caw (Mythic), Melting Icecream Suit (Legendary Skin), Luchador (Epic Skin), Surfer / Swimsuit (Rare Skin)
Faces: Livid (Legendary Face), Kiss (Epic Face), Tearful (Epic Face), Hot (Legendary Face)
Currency & Experience: 155x Gems, 2450x Bombercoins & 85,000 XP
Emojis: None

Battle Pass: Season 2 (Free Version) (New Skins!)
Price: Automatically received
Includes: 9 reward tiers
Characters: None.
Skin parts: Surfboard (Rare Weapon, part of Surfer Skin), Kiss (Epic Face), Green Plastic Chair (Epic, part of Luchador Skin), Icecream Suspenders (Legendary, part of the Icecream Guy Skin)
Currency & Experience: 10x Gems, 450x Bombercoins & 10,000 XP

You will level the entire Battle Pass (even the paid version) at all times. If you feel like you want to upgrade to the Paid Version, you’ll get all of the rewards up to the point you’re currently at.

Profile: “Owned Battle Passes”
Battle Passes that you have collected will be visible under the new section “Owned Battle Passes”


Password Recovery (oh yes!)
You can now recover your password to your Gigantic Duck ID account. A button has been added for it in the login screen.

.. or click here: Gigantic Duck ID Recovery web service


Rarities: Added “Mythic” rarity
Mythics are items that can never again be attainable. They are only here for one season or for the duration of the event you get it from.Previous skins that will attain Mythic rank: The RoboBunny (skin) and The Red Panda (character)
New skins that will attain Mythic rank: The Pirate & Caw (skin) and The Tiger (character).

Balance changes

  • Experience: Added an XP event that gives you +175 XP when you die in a game.
  • Experience: Lowered cooldown of gaining Time XP to 8 seconds (down from 12 seconds).
  • Experience: Added a minimum +150 XP instant bonus when reaching Time XP limit.

Game server changes

  • No game server changes.

Client changes

  • Feature: News functionality added, but will not be used until next patch.
  • Feature: Added client support for localization, upcoming patches may have support for your local language!
  • Feature: Added +30 more levels in the Battle Pass and made it possible to receive XP from it. You can now level up in the lobby.
  • Graphics: Changed loading screen splash art.
  • Graphics: Changed lobby background to new summer themed icons & color.
  • Graphics: “Follow us” icon changed.
  • Graphics: Candy Land – the pink tree has been replaced with an Icecream Cupcake.
  • Graphics: Candy Land – we have toned down the pink saturation on the map quite a bit.
  • Graphics: Candy Land – changed the water color intensity to a darker blue.
  • Graphics: Added a new Battle Pass ad popup.
  • Graphics: Added “free” tag on items in the Battle Pass that can be achieved for free without paying.
  • Bugfix: The Battle Pass timer have been changed to work properly in different timezones. It is now an actual timer, not a local clock reference.
  • Bugfix: Movement is now disabled while chatting (PC).
  • Bugfix: Changed a small font issue in the ScoreScreen after a game has ended (+ sign).
  • Typeface: Changed font to Lilita One in all areas of the game. Previous typeface had bad character support & was less readable.
  • Audio: Changed audio system to a more performance light system.

Region changes

  • No region changes.

Content Creator changes

  • No content creator changes.
    Sorry! Creator Codes are coming in a future patch, we promise! We’re trying to get it done! – Winrarz


New features!

New skins!

New Artwork!