Patch 0.9.6 – Season 4: Harrowing Halloween

Hello ducklings,

Welcome to Patch 0.9.6, where we add tons of new visual content, but also adding in some Free Loot and a brand new dark-themed map called the Devil’s Dungeon.

Get ready to look cool in your exclusive Harrowing Halloween, “Trick or Treat”-costume by watching the promotional patch video below!

Patch Delivery & Details

Previous live version: 0.9.5 (all platforms)
Updates to: 0.9.6 (all platforms)

Delivery date/time

Downtime expected
~30-60 minutes

Full Patch Notes

These are the changes in patch 0.9.6 of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale.

New features

  • New Game Theme: Season 4 – Harrowing Halloween!.
  • New Game Map: Devil’s Dungeon.
  • New Emoji System: 22 New & Handpainted Emojis.
  • Free Loot: Prize Wheel with a 10.2% chance to win gems!
    This feature is available in the shop once every 8 hours, so make sure you click it!.
  • Limited Offers: Halloween Lootbox & Lab Monster Exclusive Set.
  • Character: “Rey” (blue wolf), available in the Battle Pass.
  • Character: “Popper” (squirrel), available in the new Free Prize Wheel in the Shop.
  • Basic Chest: Added new weapons – “Carrot” & “Fish”.
  • New: Lobby Chat Log.

New skins & visual content

  • Please go over to our Instagram or Twitter for a constant flow of visual updates of released and work-in-progress skins & more.

General changes

  • Basic Chest no longer gives duplicate items, but costs 200 Coins.
  • All characters now have names.
  • Sudden Death bomb shadows have been made more distinct (larger upon spawning)
  • You can now see what region your game in when a match is found.
  • Ads will now show after each game unless the user has bought something in the shop (mobile).
  • The Summer Chest has been merged into the Premium Chest.
  • Matchmaking has been further optimized.
  • Lots of small quality of life & bugfixes.

Server changes

  • Improvement: Sudden Death now starts later after all the blocks have fallen down.
  • Improvement: Sudden Death levels now take a little longer before they ramp up in the amount of bombs dropped from the sky.

Content Creator changes

  • We are actively looking for new Content Creator partnerships for upcoming content releases. Please contact us via our Customer Support to talk with our representatives if you have a large social media audience and would like to collaborate with us!