Hello ducklings,

Welcome to Patch 0.9.6, where we add tons of new visual content, but also adding in some Free Loot and a brand new dark-themed map called the Devil’s Dungeon.

Get ready to look cool in your exclusive Harrowing Halloween, “Trick or Treat”-costume by watching the promotional patch video below!

Patch Delivery & Details

Previous live version: 0.9.5 (all platforms)
Updates to: 0.9.6 (all platforms)

Delivery date/time

Downtime expected
~30-60 minutes

Full Patch Notes

These are the changes in patch 0.9.6 of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale.

New features

  • New Game Theme: Season 4 – Harrowing Halloween!.
  • New Game Map: Devil’s Dungeon.
  • New Emoji System: 22 New & Handpainted Emojis.
  • Free Loot: Prize Wheel with a 10.2% chance to win gems!
    This feature is available in the shop once every 8 hours, so make sure you click it!.
  • Limited Offers: Halloween Lootbox & Lab Monster Exclusive Set.
  • Character: “Rey” (blue wolf), available in the Battle Pass.
  • Character: “Popper” (squirrel), available in the new Free Prize Wheel in the Shop.
  • Basic Chest: Added new weapons – “Carrot” & “Fish”.
  • New: Lobby Chat Log.

New skins & visual content

  • Please go over to our Instagram or Twitter for a constant flow of visual updates of released and work-in-progress skins & more.

General changes

  • Basic Chest no longer gives duplicate items, but costs 200 Coins.
  • All characters now have names.
  • Sudden Death bomb shadows have been made more distinct (larger upon spawning)
  • You can now see what region your game in when a match is found.
  • Ads will now show after each game unless the user has bought something in the shop (mobile).
  • The Summer Chest has been merged into the Premium Chest.
  • Matchmaking has been further optimized.
  • Lots of small quality of life & bugfixes.

Server changes

  • Improvement: Sudden Death now starts later after all the blocks have fallen down.
  • Improvement: Sudden Death levels now take a little longer before they ramp up in the amount of bombs dropped from the sky.

Content Creator changes

  • We are actively looking for new Content Creator partnerships for upcoming content releases. Please contact us via our Customer Support to talk with our representatives if you have a large social media audience and would like to collaborate with us!

12 thoughts on “Patch 0.9.6 – Season 4: Harrowing Halloween

  1. Alice says:

    Ciao, mi regali la cassa di Halloween di bombergrouds e lab monster set perfavore. Ci tengo tanto, il mio account è Alice58pro, grazie mille

  2. Chomu says:

    Hey Winrarz
    My family and I all are playing Bombergrounds together and have been loving it.
    We have read the post about the future upcoming update and are extremely happy to know that you guys are adding ranked system and RPG elements to the game with a few team-gamemodes.
    But the problem we have right now is that the party is of max 3 players only, and we are 8. It would be amazing if we all could be in a single party so the matchmaking would be easier together.
    And as you are adding the ranked mode and leaderboard in the future, please add report and commend feature with it as well.
    Also, the Battlepass costs a lot, if you could lower the amount to 50% of what it is now, I’m sure A LOT of people will be purchasing it including us 8 lol.
    Another problem we are having is that Coins are of no use for now, we all have thousands of coins stacked up but cant do anything with it, hope you add something other than free chest as well.
    Like spending 1K coin to cut the free spin cooldown time by 50% or something.
    Thats all I had to say, loved your game and love the fact that you are serious about it.
    Thank you! ❤️

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