Hello Ducklings!

Welcome to The Snowy Winterland-patch which adds a completely new map with a winter theme along with ten exclusive new visual sets for your character to goof around in!

Get ready to blow your friends away with the new full-skin effects for Santa Clause, Ice King and the Tundra Mammoth sets.

Patch Delivery & Details

Previous live version: 0.9.7 (all platforms)
Updates to: 0.9.8 (all platforms)

Delivery date/time

Downtime expected
~30-60 minutes

Full Patch Notes

These are the changes in patch 0.9.8 of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale.

New features

  • New Game Theme: The Snowy Winterland
  • New Game Map: Winterland
  • New Full Set Effects for the Tundra Mammoth, Santa Clause and Ice King skins. These effects are automatically turned on when the full set is equipped.
  • Limited Offers: Holiday Lootbox & the Tundra Mammoth Exclusive Set.
  • Character: “Kong” (brown monkey) available from the Battle Pass.
  • Skins: 10 new collectible skins are available from the Battle Pass, Winter Chest & the Limited Purchase option.
  • Emojis: 12 new collectable emojis are available from the Battle Pass & Chests.
  • Faces: 4 new collectable faces are available from the Battle Pass.

New skins & visual content

  • Please go over to our Instagram or Twitter for a constant flow of visual updates of released and work-in-progress skins & more.

General changes

  • You can now see other players level badges in-game.
  • Bad names have been purged, and forced to rename their characters. If you find any bad names, please report them to us via Discord. Thank you!
  • Account verification is now done by clicking a link.
  • Fixed various bugs including connection issues.

Server changes

  • Next patch will have the Map remake & restructuring. Be patient! We’re working on something huge!

Content Creators

  • We are actively looking for new Content Creator partnerships for upcoming content releases. Please contact us via our Customer Support to talk with our representatives if you have a large social media audience and would like to collaborate with us!

9 thoughts on “Patch 0.9.8 – Season 5: The Snowy Winterland! ⛄❄💕

  1. Combat says:

    I have thing I think you should add to the game and it is a ranked mode.Ranked mode should be very competitive an fun or the players.Please add this thank you!

  2. Kotowsky says:

    Hi, I have a suggestion. I know I should send it on discord… but I think there’s bigger chance that you’ll see it here. So maybe make something like “chest sales”. Chest sales could appear like the gem specia offers, but not that often. I know, I know, you need money for game’s development, but as you see players enjoy free content, so maybe… by making such a thing as this, you can make them spend money on the game. Like, for example: people who don’t have too much money, can’t buy enough gems to buy the chest. But if there will be chest sale, and the price will be lower, they might buy less gems, but enough for this price. This is just my idea, because I know how much do you need money, but also how much players are spending on these chests.

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