The Bombergrounds Fan Art Contest has officially begun! (Ending 6th of March, 00:00 CET)

Hello everyone!

We’re going to have a little art contest for Bombergrounds to celebrate the release of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale coming 6th of March 2020! :playful:

Want to join?

What you should draw:
– Draw a completely NEW skin for any of the three main characters. :meowgical:

– The art may be used for future implementation of a skin into the game.
– The art may be reposted to our social media accounts.

How do I submit my art?

To submit your art, tag @Bombergrounds on Twitter or Instagram along with the hashtag #bombergroundsartcontest with your image attached to it!


The top 5 artists will be awarded with in-game gems :Crystal:.
Gems can be spent in the Bombergrounds: Battle Royale store, to unlock cosmetics, emojis, faces and much more. :luv: :angery: :unbearable:

1st place
:money: 100 USD worth of Bombergrounds Gems. (:Crystal:)
2nd place
:money: 60 USD worth of Bombergrounds Gems (:Crystal:)
3rd place
:money: 30 USD worth of Bombergrounds Gems (:Crystal:)
4th & 5th place
:money: 10 USD worth of Bombergrounds Gems (:Crystal:)

After the judges have decided the winners, you will be contacted through your Twitter or Instagram DMs so you can receive your prize. You must create a Bombergrounds account linked with a Gigantic Duck ID within 7 days of winning, otherwise your winnings will be forfeited.

6th of March, 00:00 CET (the day of the release, at twelve in the morning).

:giganticduck: Good luck to all competing ducklings, and have fun! :giganticduck: