Bombergrounds Season 3 Sunken Relics

Bombergrounds: Reborn – Season 3 (Sunken Relics) is now live!

Hey Bombers!💣

Dive into Patch 1.3.0: Sunken Relics! Explore the new Sea World map theme, meet the adorable Pinja, and collect fresh cosmetic sets. Enjoy enhanced daily rewards, better Bomber Pass rewards, and a revamped box opening system. Master the new tutorial, claim a free daily reward, and check out the reworked Konnie ability. Get ready for an underwater adventure with thrilling content and exciting enhancements!


📣 Patch Notes 1.3.0 – Exciting Updates! ❤

Introducing the New Season: Sunken Relics!

New Content Highlights:
– Dive into the new map theme: Sea World with 4 new maps for the game modes: Battle Royale, Duck Grab, Team Fight and Duel.
– Meet the adorable new Animal: Pinja!


Collect fresh Cosmetic Sets & Emojis:
– K’Wunga Tribe Members
– Archaeologist Diver
– Sauna Enjoyer
– Express yourself with 7 new season emojis!
– Cosmetic tracker: Never lose track of your new cosmetics with the new inventory item indicator.


Enhancements & Additions:
– Tutorial for new players
– Keep an eye on the new ability indicators in-game.
– Enjoy new and updated Daily Rewards with more boxes!
– Unlock better Bomber Pass rewards: more skins, XP, and gold!
– Get a warm welcome with the new Welcome Pack, featuring a permanent 100 bombs per day bonus!


Experience the revamped box opening system:
– Increase your chances with more redraws!
– Win Emojis, Gems, Cosmetic Parts, and Cosmetic Sets!
– Admire the new box opening visuals: introducing the item spinner!

All monetization changes can be found here:


Tired of opening boxes? You can now buy your favorite animal:
You can now use gems to purchase all animals (excluding the current Bomber Pass animal). This feature is conveniently available directly from the animal page.
Here are the updated prices for each animal rarity:
Rare Animal: 89 gems
Epic Animal: 179 gems
Legendary Animal: 449 gems
Mythic Animal: 1049 gems


Konnie ability update:
– 0.5s windup time on cast
– Extended range by 1 tile
– 100 more damage


– Fixed various bugs with fangs ability